Visual Storytelling training in Brussels

The Youth Green Deal project is moving forward! This project, which aims to mobilize youth through eco-volunteering, held its second Erasmus+ training from June 12 to 19 in the premises of SCI Belgium, in Brussels.


The objective of this training was to give the participants, all members of a YGD partner association, the necessary tools to document and promote eco-volunteering during participative workcamps within their organization. Thanks to courses on visual narration, photography, courses on different shots and angles, courses on camera settings and video editing, we were able to learn how to make a good short film with a simple smartphone.

“This training was really helpful to me. I was able to learn new skills that I didn't have before. [...] I can now use editing software and create a video in a more professional way." Giulia Tringali (SCI Italy).

The training gathered 12 participants from different partner organizations of the Youth Green Deal: SCI Belgium, EVO Morocco, SSD Jordan, Al Shom Cultural Center Palestine, SCI France, SCI Catalonia and SCI Italy (we regret the absence of the volunteers of VSFr Tunisia who could not join us because of the long visa procedures).

Thanks to this international framework, this training was an opportunity to create intercultural exchanges and to discover other ways of doing and creating:


"It was very rewarding to work with new people and learn from their experiences, knowledge and skills. I came out of this training very motivated to continue to be active in the Youth green deal eco-volunteer project."  Palomé Venot (SCI Belgium).


Although the main axis of this training was learning how to make a promotional video, it was also an opportunity to address other themes:

  • The rich presentation of Mr. Bastien Bruninx was the opportunity to reinforce our knowledge on the stakes of climate change, its origins and its consequences. Although it was a cold shower for most of us, the conclusion on resilience and the systemic alternatives to be implemented to fight against this warming left our eyes shining with hope.

  • Also, during a day at Champ du Chaudron - a farm in Anderlecht, Belgium - we were able to learn the basics of permaculture by helping the farmers harvest their vegetables, prepare a growing bed and manage the compost. We even had the opportunity to plant a tree, symbolizing the passage of the Youth Green Deal on this farm.

This day at the farm was also an opportunity to take out our smartphones to put into practice the elements learned during this training:


"[...] It was also very stimulating and encouraging to come up with ideas and apply them directly in the field to create a video." Pol Guixeras i Vidal (SCI Catalonia).


"[...] It was great to learn from the experts and then put everything into practice by working in a group. I will never forget what I learned and the great encounters I had in Belgium." Giulia Tringali (SCI Italy).


4 short films including interviews, explanation of the place and technique of culture, and feelings of the participants were shot by the 12 participants of this training during this outing to the Champ du Chaudron. Objective accomplished!

Here is one of the videos made by Pol, Palomé and myself:

The post-training goal for each of the participants is now to do the same thing again to showcase the actions and initiatives of each Youth Green Deal partner organization around the world. Good luck to all!


A big thank you to SCI Belgium for organizing this training and especially to Sergio Raimundo, Isabel Léthé, Sabina Jaworek (SCI Belgium) and Hamza Al-Shayeb (SSD Jordan) for their passion and effort during this week as organizer and facilitator.

We'll see you soon for feedback on the first participative work camp of the Youth Green Deal which will take place from July 4th to 14th 2022.


See you soon !

Written on 25/06/2022 by Hugo DUMONT, volunteer at SCI France