• overall objectives

    1- The aim of the project is to build strong participative youth organisations impbedded in resilient local communities to reduce the effects of climate change.
    2- It will give inspiration to mitigate climate change and lead sustainable lifestyles through eco-volunteering projects with a Mediterranean/international dimension.

  • Specific Objectives:

    1-As a learning by doing example this project will increase the organisational and project management skills of th involved youth organisations.
    2-As a good practice the project conducts an impact reseatch on youth leadership and eco-volunteering, supervised by an expert, to improve the quality of future projects and to develop appropriate advocacy tools.
    3-To ensure the quality and outreach of the local eco-volunteering pilot projects youg people are trained in youth leadership, bio-construction and visual storytelling.
    4-To disseminate the knowlodge gained by this project to local Tunisian civil society organisations and policy makers and the wider volunteer world.