Training on Youth Leadership and Eco-Volunteering

Chenini, Tunisia 22-29 March 2022

Background of the training course

Youth Green Deal is a project aiming to build the capacity of youth organisations promoting

volunteering in the Mediterranean area. In this project we focus on our work with local communities

who are doing environmental work. So looking at how our volunteer projects can support

environmental work: reducing the effects of climate change; inspire volunteers and local communities

to mitigate climate change and lead sustainable lifestyles. By working together with various

organisations we also want to focus on the Mediterranean/global dimension of climate issues.

This project is created by organisations who are part of the MIDI working group of SCI (Service Civil

International VSFr Tunisia is the lead organisation responsible for the overall

coordination of the project but all partners are collaborating in the implementation of the project:

CCIVS (global network of IVS organisations , SCI Catalonia (, SCI France

( ), SCI Belgium (, SCI Italy (, SSD Jordan, EVO

Morocco and Al-Shmoh Cultural Centre Palestine.

More specifically, the project consists of 3 trainings (in Tunisia, Jordan and Belgium), 4 youth

exchanges (in Catalonia, Tunisia, Palestine and Morocco), a research project and a final conference

taking place in Tunisia.

This Call for Participants regards the first training, which focuses on youth leadership and

eco-volunteering which will take place in Chenini, Tunisia from 22-29 of March 2022. The training will

bring together 22 participants from 8 different countries who will deepen their knowledge about

eco-volunteering (or setting up international voluntary service projects combining study sessions on

environmental issues and practical hands-on work) and practice their skills to be a group leader in an

eco-volunteering project. Some of the participants will accompany a group of young volunteers who

will take part in the planned youth exchanges over summer and others will conduct some workshops

in their own organisation on the topics dealt with in the training: group dynamics, intercultural

communication, setting up educational activities around environmental issues, conflict resolution and

being a group leader. Skills needed to make the youth exchanges a successful, learning and inclusive

experience for all.

Methodological approach

Workcamps and youth exchanges focusing on eco-volunteering are central in this project. Therefore

the training will focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that youth leaders in this kind of activities

need. The training will use non formal education methods and experiential learning which is based on

reflection linked to practical experiences and/or learning by doing. An active participation of all

participants is expected in the preparation phase, the face-to-face training in Tunisia and the follow-upĀ activities. The working language will be English. The facilitators will guide the process and accompany

the participants in the learning process but it is up to all participants to bring in their expertise, to

leave their comfort zone and to make the most out of this journey!

Facilitators Gouider Msallam